The architectural staff at Southern A&E strives to influence and improve the built environment through the quality and effectiveness of our designs. From initial programming through commissioning of the building for client use, Southern A&E’s architectural staff is prepared to design within the client’s budget, meet the design schedule, solve problems associated with the building process and progress the design and construction.

Civil Engineering/Landscape Architecture

Our civil engineers/landscape architects take pride in helping the client plan every aspect of the site to create a layout that will work well now and into the future. From the largest campus to the smallest parking lot, we help put together a sensible, functional, and adaptive plan that will address every need. Our complete range of civil/landscape design services includes land planning, site assessment/selection, grading, drainage, erosion control, hydrology, and conservation services.

Electrical Engineering

Southern A&E recognizes that every client and each facility has unique requirements. We believe that electrical systems don’t have to be complicated to be effective. Our LEED Accredited Professionals apply sustainable design where practical. The result: safe, comfortable, efficient and reliable buildings, which are more easily maintained and less expensively operated. Southern A&E’s electrical engineers also specialize in low voltage system design, with RCDD credentials.

Mechanical (HVAC/Plumbing) Engineering

Southern A&E’s goal is to design systems that provide exceptional indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and maintainability that meet or exceed the needs established by our client. Our design services include heating, ventilation, cooling, dehumidification, energy recovery and energy management. Though mostly hidden from view, plumbing systems are an integral part of our built environment. Our services include service piping, sewage disposal, fire protection and specialty piping.

Structural Engineering

Southern A&E’s structural engineers use their knowledge of various building materials, such as steel, concrete, and masonry, to provide safe, economical structural systems to support the overall building design. Our structural engineering services include Feasibility studies, plan and spec preparation, consultations, inspections, and investigations.





Interior Design

Southern A&E’s interior designers utilize fundamental design principals to create well composed, interesting atmospheres that meet the needs of our clients. The intent is to complement the architect’s design through the cohesion of materials, colors, scale and textures, ultimately arriving at an orchestrated blend of aesthetics and functionality. Southern A&E’s complete offering of interior design services includes space planning, furniture/equipment.

Food Service Design

Our food service designers strive to keep open communications with our clients in order to ensure a functional and attractive kitchen space. Our kitchen/serving area designs are based on a complete understanding of our client’s needs, the constraints of the building and all the regulatory requirements of the space. Our food service design capabilities include kitchen equipment specifications, assessments/studies of existing facilities, code compliance, and planning of areas.

Contract Administration

At Southern A&E, we assign a seasoned construction professional to administer the construction contract on behalf of our client. Our contract administrator will make certain the contractor’s work meets the requirements of the drawings and specifications. The contract administrator will make site visits to verify compliance with the construction documents and provide written reports (with images) to keep you informed.