Since 1970, Southern A&E has proudly served the design needs of over 64 K-12 educational systems in Georgia. During that time we have completed: 132 new elementary schools, 64 new middle schools, 34 new high Schools and thousands of additions and renovations.

During the design of an educational facility, we encourage each of our employees to think like a manager with the welfare of the client always held uppermost in their decision making. When a client retains the services of Southern A&E, we will deliver a well organized, comfortable and safe space that is configured for its intended purpose.

Rabun Primary School small
University of West Georgia Stadium small

Athletic Design

The Athletic market has always been a staple of Southern A&E's design repertoire. We have a vast experience in athletic facilities including: gymnasiums, stadiums, synthetic turf fields, baseball and softball fields, hitting and pitching facilities, field houses, tracks, multi-pupose fields, and weight training facilities.

Commercial Design

Commercial design continues to be a strong component of Southern A&E’s project mix. Over the company’s history, we have designed various commercial building types including office buildings, restaurants, churches and corporate headquarters. Southern A&E has focused on assembling a diverse team of competent designers, all with varied commercial experiences, capable of meeting the individual needs of our commercial clients.


Industrial Design

Southern A&E’s industrial building experience dates back to projects Denney Associates designed for Southwire Company in Carrollton, Georgia. Over the company’s history, we have grown and expanded our design capabilities in the industrial market. These projects include sub-stations for electrical cooperatives, studies and designs for manufacturing, repair, maintenance and storage facilities for varied users.